SEMMMS Road (A6MARR) Opening


We’re pleased to confirm that the new A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road opened to traffic on Monday 15th October following years of lobbying and over 12 months delay.

The scale and complexity of the relief road project has been huge with 11 new and upgraded junctions, 11 bridges including four railway crossings and a shared cycle and pedestrian path that runs parallel to the road for its whole length.

You can access the road at Lakeland or Styal Rd.  Remember the old Ringway Rd at Moss Nook (near the Tatton Arms) no longer leads to the Airport.


The Route:
The road runs from the A6, near “Simpson’s Corner” to the M56 at the Airport. Part of it has been in use for many years, running from the roundabout on the Woodford/Bramhall road to the double roundabout on Wilmslow Rd near the “Waggon & Horses”.  The section nearest Heald Green continues from the existing underpass on Wilmslow Rd, across the fields behind Davies Avenue, skirts the South side of Robinson’s greenhouses and crosses the railway near the airport spur to a junction with Styal Rd. From there it continues to meet up with the line of the existing Ringway Rd, near Shadow Moss Rd and on to the Airport/M56.

We have been pressing for this relief from the traffic which bedevils Heald Green for more years than most.  First signs are that the road has reduced traffic, noticeably on Bolshaw and Outwood Rds and Finney Lane.