Current planning applications for Heald Green are listed below.  To find the details of an application using a computer, right click on the blue description and left click on “Open in a New Window”.  For other devices go to:  and enter the application number given below.

Whilst we try to make the list correct and up-to-date, this is not guaranteed.  However, Stockport Council’s official, full list of planning applications is available on the Council’s website.

247 Outwood Road Ref. No: DC/069333
Proposed single-storey rear extension (i) The projection of the proposed extension beyond the rear wall of the original house is 4.0 metres (ii) The maximum height of the proposed extension is 3.8 metres (iii) The height of the eaves of the proposed extension is 3.0 metres

424 Wilmslow Road Ref. No: DC/069316
Single storey rear and side extension

75 Oakdale Drive Ref. No: DC/069266
Tree are located on a golf course behind the back garden. The tree branches have overgrown quiet a lot into the garden. I would like to cut the branches off as we have children playing in the garden. TPO: 61W

41 Elmsleigh Road Ref. No: DC/069176
Single storey rear extension and pitched roof over existing two storey side extension

106 Gleneagles Road Ref. No: DC/069222
Single storey side extension and garage conversion into habitable room.

58 Gleneagles Road Ref. No: DC/069126
Erection of new boundary fence.

163 Styal Road    Ref. No: DC/69101
Revised submission for previously approved single storey rear extension with new roof over entire property with increased ridge height of 800mm & first floor accommodation including front and rear dormer