Current planning applications for Heald Green are listed below.  To find the details of an application using a computer, right click on the blue description and left click on “Open in a New Window”.  For other devices go to:  and enter the application number given below.

Whilst we try to make the list correct and up-to-date, this is not guaranteed.  However, Stockport Council’s official, full list of planning applications is available on the Council’s website.

8 Peacock Drive Ref. No. DC/069909
Proposed single-storey rear extension

8 Hartington Road Ref. No: DC/069875
New single storey rear extension to replace conservatory; two storey side extension to replace garage; and single storey front extension with new porch and bay window to converted garage.

Seashell Trust Ref. No: DC/069858
Variation of condtion 3 of DC059242 to extend the opening hours of the sports pitch to 10pm. Condition Number(s): 3 Conditions(s) Removal: To extend the opening hours of the sports pitch to 10pm We are proposing through this application to amend the wording of condition 3 to state that: The development hereby granted shall not be used except between the hours of 09:00 and 22:00 on Mondays to Fridays, 8:00 and 22:00 on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

1 Drayton Drive Ref. No: DC/069846
We think it may be TPO Tree T7 (Conifer). The tree is in the neighbouring garden of 1 Drayton Drive. It is on the border. The wall is being pushed over by the tree and we need to put up a fence. The tree has a severe lean on it into the garden of 193 Outwood Road. 193 Outwood Road has planning permission for 6 houses and we need fence off the border with 1 Drayton Drive to make it secure. The tree is on the border. We would like to fell the existing tree. We would pay for a replacement tree to be set further back from the border in 1 Drayton Drive. TPO No: 146W.

4 Peacock Drive Ref. No: DC/069838
Retension of existing single storey rear extension

14A Cleveleys Avenue Ref. No: DC/069802
Two storey side extension plus a loft conversion, side dormer and raising of the roof line.

1 Lomond Road Ref. No: DC/069722
Variation of condition 1 of planning permission DC061055 to facilitate the repositioning of the approved bungalow (minor material amendment). Discharge of conditions 3, 7, 10, 11 and 13. Conditions(s) Removal: We have attached the necessary details requested. We wish to include condition 1 as we wish to reposition the approved bungalow. We wish to include condition 1 as we wish to reposition the previously approved bungalow.

David Lloyd Tennis Centre Ref. No: DC/069719
The erection of a new Spa Garden at David Lloyd Cheadle.

49 Eastleigh Road Ref. No: DC/069788
Single storey rear extension with dormer roofs