The Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (GMSF) is a joint plan to manage the supply of land for jobs and new homes across Greater Manchester, allegedly designed to ensure that Greater Manchester has the right land in the right places to deliver the homes and jobs needed up to 2035. To view the document Click Here (Note: This is a large file and may take some time to download)

The main effect on Heald Green would be to reallocate almost all our Greenbelt land for housebuilding.  This includes the land around Seashell Trust, extending across the A34 into Cheadle Hulme. It includes the field at the top of Dawson Road, the field opposite the Mosque and most of the land around Nixon’s Farm, down to the station. This last area includes all the land around Bolshaw School, including the Cheadle & Gatley FC football field and Robinson’s glasshouse behind the school.

The land around the Seashell Trust and across into Cheadle Hulme is proposed to accommodate 3,700 houses, of which about 2,700 would be on our side of the A34. The land around Nixon’s Farm is proposed to hold 2,000 houses.  This totals an additional 4,700 houses added to Heald Green, which would increase the number of houses in Heald Green by over 90%, nearly double!

All the GMSF proposals are in addition to Cheshire East Council’s decision to allocate 225 acres of land in Handforth for housing! For further information on this, CLICK HERE.

These proposals are set to destroy Heald Green as we know it.

It would reduce Heald Green’s Greenbelt by a massive 78.5%!
We do not have the infrastructure to support such massive expansion.
Our roads are overful beyond capacity.  When the A6MARR opens, it may reduce the Finney Lane traffic but the Wilmslow Rd/A34 jams will get worse. The queue for Gatley lights already reaches the Griffin at times.
You cannot get a doctors appointment for weeks and GP’s are in short supply nationally.
Schools are almost full, already.
The water supply in some parts of Heald Green is variable.
The almost flat terrain means drainage is problematical.
The community feel of Heald Green will be lost.

The Ratepayers are leading the fight against the proposals. This started with a packed (standing room only) Public Meeting on 15th November, 2016. The proposals were explained by Senior Officers of the Council, followed by a question and answer session. Finally, it was agreed to oppose the current proposals and a number of residents volunteered to help us mount our opposition. It was pointed out that our MP was circulating a petition in the area, opposing the plans.  The back cover of the Winter issue of Contact comprised an article explaining the proposals and urging people to respond to the consultation.

After the meeting, we  set up a Research Group, comprised of members of the Ratepayers’ Committee and volunteers from the meeting.  The Research Group  studied all the GMSF documents and their backing documents, together with other national documentation. They  used the research to produce a fact based, logical document which was submitted to the GMSF headquarters.  To see a copy of the Ratepayers submission Click Here.

As things develop, we will be keeping you informed on this website and our facebook page.  The next formal stage will be the publication of an amended version of the Framework, in June 2018.  In the meantime, we will be continuing to research the facts, figures and policies which should be used for the production of the spatial framework, so that we are fully prepared to examine the next version.

IMG_20170114_131152361_HDROn Saturday, 14th January, 2017, we went on a protest march to Stockport Town Hall, with hundreds of other protesters from around Stockport. The objections of the people of Heald Green and other areas of Stockport were made loud and clear. We are working with groups across Stockport  to stop these mad proposals.

IMG_20170114_121949768_HDRProt March 140117 Pic1

An organisation has now been set up to embrace all the protest groups across Greater Manchester.  It is called Save Greater Manchester’s Greenbelt (SGMG) and your Ratepayers’ Association is an active member.  SGMG held a meeting to grill the candidates for the Mayoral election.  On 1 April, 2016, SGMG held a Rally in front of Manchester Town Hall.  We publicised this on our website, facebook page and in posters around the Village.  As a result a contingent from Heald Green took part, complete with green posters.  The Rally was well attended and demonstrated that the GMSF proposals are opposed by communities throughout Greater Manchester.  The photographs below give some indication of this.