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Future Housing in Heald Green

We live in a very popular area! All talk of growth and prosperity puts Manchester Airport, Stockport and north east Cheshire in the frame for residential and business growth. The next draft of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework (the house building plan up to 2035) comes out for public consultation this summer.

We know that Heald Green is very likely to see new homes being built as part of the growth and development of this very popular area. What would you like to see happen?

We have a questionnaire to collate views from residents to assist the Councillors and wider association to represent your views accurately in any future discussions and would be very interested to receive your views.

Manchester Bomb – Chief Constable’s Statement

Following a BBC programme, which criticised the Police over their actions in the aftermath of the Bomb, the Chief Constable has published the following statement:


On the anniversary of the Manchester Arena Attack, the BBC chose to air a documentary which attempted to describe and depict the events of this terrible evening. Our first priority now and at the time of the attack 12 months ago was to support the families. I am saddened by the impact this documentary has had on families and survivors at such a difficult time.

I want to set the record straight about why Greater Manchester Police declined to participate with the production of this documentary and to correct what we consider to be wholly inaccurate reporting.

The programme, at least by inference, wrongly suggested that GMP officers and staff were held back on the night of the attack. This is untrue and is an unwarranted attack on GMP police officers who, as the actual footage showed, acted bravely in response to this horrific attack.

At no point were GMP officers and staff held back and they were immediately deployed to the Arena to save life and protect people. In fact, GMP’s Force Duty Officer made a decision not to withdraw officers contrary to national plans, a decision highlighted as courageous in the Independent Review into the response to the attack conducted by Lord Kerslake.

I want to make it clear that Greater Manchester Police working within the framework of the National Counter Terrorism Network have had primacy over the response to the attack from the moment the attack occurred and the ongoing live criminal investigation. This is not made clear in the documentary and the style of reporting of this is entirely misleading.

As the lead police force, for the response and the criminal investigation, GMP has significant constraints on what we can discuss publicly. The production company approached GMP in Autumn 2017 and after a face-to-face meeting we respectfully explained in detail the legal constraints we worked under and highlighted to the production company their own responsibilities. The production company approached us again sometime later and we reaffirmed this constraint and again declined to participate.

It is within this context that the reference at the end of the programme that GMP refused to cooperate, is wholly misleading and was focused only on creating journalistic drama rather than accurately portraying the constraints we have repeatedly highlighted.

We became aware, just days before the anniversary, that the documentary was going  to be broadcast and this came from a third party who disclosed the potential content of the programme. At this point, we expressed to the BBC our very serious concerns for the families, especially in relation to any footage of the scene that would show victims regardless of whether these were blurred out or not.

We also explained again that GMP is leading a live murder investigation and a warrant was issued in October for the arrest of a suspect. We explained this means proceedings have started and as such we are very mindful of undermining a prosecution. In addition to this, we pointed out that there is an ongoing coronial process and we are again very clear that we should not make comment on matters within the jurisdiction of HM Senior Coroner.

We asked repeatedly to view the footage so that we could work with the CPS, Coroner and our own family liaison officers to assess what legal implications it may have, but most importantly so that we could inform  and support families. We were not permitted to do this at any point before broadcast. Consequently the first time the investigation team saw the documentary was at the time of its broadcast last night.

In the recent independent review into the response to the Arena attack from Lord Kerslake he voiced specific concerns over the conduct of the media in the aftermath of this tragedy and this documentary serves, in my view, to further illustrate the media’s irresponsibility. This documentary, in our view failed to accurately depict the events of the night, and is a partial reconstruction at best. The production company no doubt will say that organisations were offered the chance to cooperate and they chose not to, but these very organisations have an overriding duty to families and the courts and so cannot cooperate with a production company whose only aim is to provide newsworthy viewing at the expense of the families, coronial process and indeed a criminal trial.

Most importantly when I became aware of the content of this documentary, my staff and I were most deeply concerned about the impact on families of viewing this footage. I fail to see any public interest in footage of such an explicit nature being aired with disregard to the feelings of those who matter most. Whether families wish to view such footage is a private matter and is not something that should be publicly aired on national television taking away any choice. Some families are left with the question –  is this my loved one on the floor?.

Before the broadcast, I am aware that the CPS and the Coroner expressed serious reservations. I am also aware that having understood the potential enormity of the impact of the programme British Transport Police withdrew support and refused the BBC authority to use the material. Despite all this the broadcast went ahead.

The duty of Greater Manchester Police is to support the families, search for evidence of what happened and present this evidence objectively to the courts. This takes time, there is an ongoing extradition process; good reason for us being unable to provide detail. Thankfully the vast majority of the media understand and respect this. The broadcast of this programme and the material within it appears to breach the BBC’s Editorial Guidelines.

This documentary however, is in our view entirely inappropriate and I deeply regret the impact the actions of the production company and the BBC may have on those who matter most – the victims’ families and survivors of one of the worst terrorist attacks this country has ever seen.

Yours sincerely

Ian Hopkins, QPM
Chief Constable

Election Results

The results of the election held on the 3rd May 2018 are as follows:

Ratepayers 2056
Conservative 416
Green 114
Labour 608
Liberal Democrats 203

Turnout 34.8%

Therefore we are pleased to announce that Cllr Adrian Nottingham has been duly re-elected.

Full results for other wards in Stockport can be found here

Thank you for your support.

HMRC scam warning

HMRC is alerting people to a scam aimed particularly at older or vulnerable people.

The scammers prey on victims by cold calling them and impersonating an HMRC member of staff. They tell them that they owe large amounts of tax that they can only pay off through digital vouchers and gift cards, including those used for Apple’s iTunes store.

Victims are told to go buy the vouchers and then read out the redemption code to the
scammer, who has kept them on the phone. The conmen then sell on the codes or
purchase high-value products, all at the victim’s expense.

The scammers frequently use intimidation to get what they want, threatening to seize the victim’s property or involve the police. The use of vouchers is an attractive scam as they are easy to sell and hard to trace once used.

It goes without saying that HMRC would never request the settling of debt through such a

Most victims are aged over 65 and suffer an average financial loss of £1,150.

To report this or any other scam, phone Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or use their online fraud reporting tool.

Carillion Liquidation


You will be aware that Carillion has gone into liquidation, which has prompted many people to wonder what the effect may be on the completion of the A6MARR road.

The road is being built by a joint venture (JV) comprised of Carillion and Morgan Sindall, under a contract with Stockport Council and the official line is as follows.

The Carillion Morgan Sindall Joint Venture contract is drafted such that the partners are joint and several. This means that should one partner become insolvent the other has an obligation  to continue to perform the contract. The supply chain is  engaged through the JV, not Carillion and their agreements will simply revert to Morgan Sindall when the JV dissolves.

A contingency plan is in operation to deal with issues associated with staff and labour only suppliers which will retain the current A6MARR delivery team.

The main elements of the contingency plan and all necessary arrangements are underway to keep the project moving and work is continuing on site.