GMSF/Local Plan

You are probably aware of the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, which was a plan incorporating all 10 councils in Greater Manchester and which was intended to determine the use to which all land could be put. In the case of Heald Green, it originally proposed, in addition to the existing 5,200 houses we have, that an additional 4,700 house be built in our Green Belt. Ratepayers mounted a campaign against this, involving detailed research, leafletting the whole of Heald Green, articles in every Contact, Public Meetings, meeting with Andy Burnham, demonstrations in Stockport and Manchester and encouraging all residents to write letters of protest. As a result of this campaign, the next issue of the proposals reduced the planned number of extra houses by 3,000 to a new total of 1,700.

Ratepayers did not consider this reduction sufficient and mounted a second campaign against this amended proposal. At the same time, feeling was growing throughout Stockport that Stockport might be better to pull out of GMSF and go its own way. After careful thought it was decided that this was a better option. At a full meeting of Stockport Council in December 2020, with strong support from all three Ratepayers’ councillors, Stockport formally pulled out of GMSF.

However, there is a legal requirement for the Council to have a plan in place by 31 December 2023. This will be called the Stockport LOCAL PLAN. This plan will set the policies to be used to decide all planning applications from the date it’s adopted. A major part of the plan will be to determine the use of all areas of land in Stockport. Included in this will be any reductions of Green Belt and the number of additional houses to be built in Heald Green. At the moment, work is taking place in the Town Hall to produce a plan to go out to consultation this Autumn (2021). Ratepayers will be setting up a Group to gather all relevant information and set up a suitable campaign, prior to this, so that when the consultation comes out, we will hit the ground running. Should anyone wish to help in this, please send an email to .