The results of the election held on the 2nd May 2019 are as follows:

Ratepayers 2393
Labour 450
Conservative 238
Liberal Democrats 208
Green 160

Turnout 34.7%

Therefore we are pleased to announce that Cllr Carole McCann has been duly elected. Full results for other wards in Stockport can be found here

Thank you for your support.

As you may be aware, there will be local elections taking place this year on Thursday 2nd May and our candidate will be Carole McCann.

A couple of weeks ago we delivered the Spring edition of Contact to all homes in Heald Green. On the back cover it asked for your comments about Heald Green and we said we would call round and pick up the reply slip at the bottom of the page during April.
If we miss you, or you would prefer to complete a copy online, please click here.



I was born in Gatley but have lived in Heald Green most of my life. I have worked in the Village for the last 31 years. I am a member of the Ratepayers Committee, having recently served as Deputy Chair. I also serve on their Village and Events sub-committees. I am currently working, with others, to achieve the installation of a CCTV System for the Village and two additional defibrillators for Heald Green. I have been a governor of one of our local primary schools for 16 years, where I am currently the Chair of the Resources (Finance) Committee, so I am well aware of the financial difficulties facing our local services. I am a regular churchgoer, where I am the Safeguarding Officer and help with the children. I have also run fundraising charity events for St Ann’s Hospice and other charities. Last November I organised the Poppy Collection in the shops throughout Cheadle, Gatley, Heald Green and Cheadle Hulme, which raised over £10,000 for the the Poppy Appeal. I am also a member of the Festival Committee.

If elected, I will work hard to improve Heald Green and fight the threat to overload us with an extra 1,700 houses.

Councillor Sylvia Humphreys writes:

After serving as a Ratepayers’ councillor for nineteen years, I have decided to retire to allow the work to be continued by somebody younger. Having known Carole for many years, I know that she is intelligent, hard working and dedicated. She will make an excellent councillor for us.


The Ratepayers’ Association belongs to you. All residents of Heald Green are equally entitled to membership. For practical purposes it is organised by a committee, elected by the membership. The Committee and all Ratepayers’ councillors must live in Heald Green and consequently they share your day to day issues and use the same services. As the Ratepayers are not a political party they are not beholden to any political party with party policies decided away from Heald Green and have a solid record of working for Heald Green.

The greatest threat we face at the moment is the Greater Manchester Plan to steal our Green Belt and green spaces to build thousands of extra houses in Heald Green. Originally, an extra 4,700 houses were proposed. Ratepayers fought this. We met with Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester. We set up a Research Group to study the thousands of pages of documents and submitted a factual, logical response to the proposals.

As a result the next, recent, consultation had reduced the proposed numbers by 3,000. We were not satisfied with this new figure, which included the use of the Village Hall field and football pitches on Cross Rd. The effects on our Health Services and traffic problems were also important. We held a Public Meeting, attended by 100’s plus 100’s more who could not get in. The Research Group worked and lodged another well-researched submission which is available on our website (see overleaf) . We await the next version of the plan, ready to continue the fight for Heald Green.

We also work for Heald Green in many other ways, for example:

– jointly organising Heald Green Festival, the Remembrance Service at the War Memorial, “Carols Round the Tree”, running twice yearly Litter Picks and providing the Village Christmas Crib every year.

– keeping you informed by producing and delivering your magazine CONTACT and maintain the Ratepayers’ website and facebook page.

– regularly helping residents with their particular problems.

REMEMBER: Because we are not a political party, we cannot put the word “RATEPAYER” on the Ballot Paper. We have to remember that: