As you may be aware, there will be local elections taking place this year on Thursday 3rd May and our candidate will be Adrian Nottingham who is re-standing as a Councillor for Heald Green, you can read more about Adrian further down the page.

We are distributing a leaflet and questionnaire to all 5,100 homes in Heald Green and will attempt to collect them all over the next few weeks.  If we miss you, or you would prefer to complete a copy online, please click here.


Adrian has lived in Heald Green for nearly 20 years and been one of our councillors for the past 8 years.

He serves on Cheadle Area Committee and Committees which deal with housing, the Town Centre and future planning policy.  As Group Leader, he is in weekly contact with top council officers, which enables him to take up  cases at the most senior level and ensure that Heald Green is in the forefront in council decision making.

As our representative on Stockport Health and Wellbeing Board, he was successful in having our breast screening moved back from Macclesfield to Stockport and making more appointments available.

He is in regular liaison with senior police officers to target reduced resources to local needs.

He has been leading on changes to the Council’s strategies to improve the response to traveller invasions.  He has been closely monitoring the A6MARR construction and working to ensure money is secured from the road scheme for Heald Green Village Centre improvements.  He organises the twice-yearly litter picks. The last one, in March, was supported by dozens of residents of all ages.

Adrian has been supporting the ‘Save our Greenbelt’ movement and negotiating with Council Officers to get the best deal for us from the GMSF proposals.  He worked to resist the building of a 4 storey car park and challenged the financial need for Seashell Trust to sell land for mass housing development.

He is personally responsible for public safety and stewarding for the thousand or so of us who attend Carols Round the Tree,

He is always available to help residents by regular surgeries, by email and by telephone.  For example, he succeeded in getting improvements to prevent future flooding on Branksome Drive.


Heald Green Ratepayers is a community organisation which exists to look after Heald Green.  It does this in two ways.

Firstly, it performs community work within Heald Green.  Here are just ten examples:

  1. Organising the planting of the 10 flower tubs
  2. Running the Remembrance Service
  3. Running Carols Round the Tree
  4. Organising twice-yearly Litter Picks
  5. Jointly organising the Heald Green Community Festival
  6. Providing the Christmas Crib
  7. Keeping you informed by producing and delivering your magazine CONTACT to every house, all year round
  8. Producing and updating the Ratepayers’ website
  9. Maintaining a facebook page
  10. Helping many residents with varied problems

Secondly, it ensures that Heald Green gets the best possible service from the Council by having our own councillors on the Council.  This is increasingly important now that government grants have been drastically cut.

All the Ratepayers’ Committee and all Ratepayers’ councillors must live in Heald Green and consequently they share your day to day issues and use the same services.

As the Ratepayers are not a political party they are not beholden to any political party with party policies decided away from Heald Green.

REMEMBER:  Because we are not a political party, we cannot put the word “RATEPAYER” on the Ballot Paper.  We have to remember that: