Black Lives Matter

In support of Black Lives Matter, Stockport Council issued the following statement, signed by all Group Leaders: 

“Stockport Council stands together with people here and across the world who face racism and prejudice.

We believe discrimination and oppression has no place in our society and we stand united in solidarity with those who seek to tackle inequalities. 

Tolerance, kindness and respect are at the heart of our communities in Stockport and these values underpin our inclusive approach to the way we live. Racism and discrimination have no place in our society and we must, as a community, continue to make a stand. 

Tackling inequalities has always been, and will continue to be, our priority.” 

CCTV at the Village Centre

The CCTV system covers the area from the railway bridge, along the shop frontages on the North side of Finney Lane as far as Freshfield.

The purpose of the system is to maintain surveillance of the Village Centre (Finney Lane) for the purpose of reducing or discouraging and detection of anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The system is owned, operated by and maintenance paid for, by Heald Green Ratepayers’ Association (HGRA) and was purchased with a grant obtained from Stockport Council.

The images recorded by the CCTV system are not monitored but are stored in a secure location and retained for 31 days.

The system is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and the Chairman of the HGRA is the registered Data Controller.

The system is managed by a small Management Group nominated by the HGRA. In order to comply with the requirements of the information Commissioner, there is a clear policy which members of the Management Group strictly adhere to when processing data collected by the CCTV cameras.

Data is only processed on request by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service or any other authorised agency under a strict documented protocol.

The Management Group does not have access to facial recognition software. Requests for data from the general public must be channelled through the GMP.

Details of the legal requirements under which the system is authorised and operated are available on application to:

Remembrance Sunday


This year, the Remembrance Service is unable to take place due to the Covid Regulations.  However, we can all pay our respects to the fallen by observing our own silence and wreaths, poppies, and crosses can still be laid in private at different times of the day, lest we forget…

As last year, the Ratepayers arranged for large poppies to be displayed on lamp posts on Wilmslow Rd and Finney Lane, in the run up to Remembrance Sunday.  We also have additional large poppies for people to buy to display. All money is going to the Royal British Legion to support our disabled ex-servicemen. 6  If you wish to buy one, contact any of the Ratepayers’ Committee or email:

Questions had been asked about the practical reasons why the Remembrance Service at the War memorial is always at 12.00. There have always been several remembrance services in Heald Green at 11am, these being in the various churches to which all are invited. The uniformed children’s groups take part in these at 11am and also many of the elderly who cannot manage an outdoor service. At 12.00 there is the Community Remembrance Service at the War Memorial, at which children from all our primary schools, the scout and guide groups, representatives from the Army and Air Cadets, the Police, the Royal British Legion, the CMA, the Churches and other community groups can all come together and take part. The Police and some of the other representatives also attend other memorial services on that day and can only attend at Heald Green because it is at 12.00. The same applies to our bugler and piper, who play at other services but can only attend Heald Green because it is at 12.00.

Services across Stockport have taken place at different times of the day for many years. Each community has its own time and place to reflect and remember. Heald Green’s community gathering has been at 12.00 for many years and everyone who regularly attends is used to arriving at this time. Of course there are other residents who like to pay their respects quietly at 11am at the Memorial and this has always been the case but the organised community event is always at 12.00 (apart from this year).

Festival 2020

In 2019,  the Heald Green Community Festival  took place on the hottest day of the year and people came out in their thousands to enjoy a real Village Event, which started with a Fancy Dress parade  for the children around the local streets. This was led by the Phoenix Pipe Band and was enjoyed by everyone.

Unfortunately, the Festival could not take place last year because of the Coronavirus regulations about gatherings. The Festival committee had started to plan the event when a decision was made at the beginning of April to cancel for 2020, the week before the programme should have gone to the printers.

The committee had some fresh ideas for the next Festival from some  new members. A few of the older members would like to retire after organising the Festival for many years. We don’t know how the Coronavirus will pan out this year but are hoping that some form of event will take place.  Watch this space.

Usage of Runway 2 at Night

The Airport normally use only Runway 1 at night but Runway 2 is used at night when maintenance work is being carried out on Runway 1.  This is programmed in advance.  The future programme follows but due to Corvid and the dramatic reduction in aircraft movements, some of the programmed use of R2 at night will not be necessary.

February  2nd – 4th
March  9th – 11th
April  4th – 8th
May  4th – 6th
June  1st – 3rd
July  6th – 8th
August  3rd –  5th
September  7th – 9th
October  3rd – 7th
November  2nd – 4th
December  7th – 9th

January  11th – 13th

It may be that unexpected maintenance work needs to be carried on dates other than those above and that work may not be carried out on the above dates due to unsuitable weather or work not being required.

Runway 2 is parallel to Runway 1 and about 500 yards South of it but is about a mile further away from Heald Green, so the aircraft will be higher than normal but 500 yards further South.  The night period for this purpose is from 10.30pm until 6am, the following morning.  Whether aircraft will be landing or taking off over Heald Green is determined by the wind at the time.  Settled warm weather generally means easterly winds, which means that take-offs will be over Heald Green, just when you want to leave your windows open!