New GMSF Plans Revealed

The long awaited new GMSF plans have just been revealed. Within over 1,100 pages, it includes, for Heald Green, 850 homes on the Nixon’s Farm area and a further 850 homes in the Seashell Trust area. Large chunks of our Greenbelt are proposed to become housing estates.  Further details to follow on our website (Now available here)

Ratepayers will be holding a Public Meeting about the proposals on Tuesday, 12 February in the Village Hall, commencing at 7.30pm.

Bulb Planting

Look out for more spring bulbs in Heald Green next year! We already have many areas brightened up by daffodils and crocuses each spring. Stockport Council gave us several thousand more bulbs this Autumn and some of the Ratepayers’ Committee plus other Heald Green residents came out to help with planting the bulbs. The area of grass on Finney Lane, near to Carnoustie Dr, grass by the War Memorial, grass near Life Church on Outwood Rd and the raised bed outside the Health Centre have all had bulbs planted. We’re always trying to enhance the appearance of the village and to keep Heald Green a pleasant place in which to live. Thanks to those who worked hard this weekend.


This year marks the Centenary of the WW1 Armistice and Ratepayers have been working to commemorate this event. You may have noticed that numerous large poppies have appeared on lamposts in Heald Green. Some of the poppies were supplied by the Council who did not have the staff to erect them, so members of the Ratepayers’ Committee have been climbing up ladders at the roadside and erecting them. In addition, Ratepayers’ Committee member Carole McCann has organised the supply of nearly 180 large poppies which have been sold at £3 each to residents to erect on their own lamposts or houses. All monies are going to the Poppy Appeal. Carole has also taken on the job of organising all the Poppy trays and tins in the shops in Heald Green, Gatley, Cheadle and Cheadle Hulme Precinct, plus the churches in Heald Green and schools in Gatley. Every year we organise a Remembrance Service at the War Memorial on Wilmslow Rd. This year, it will be slightly different as we will be paying special tribute to those who gave their lives in WW1. The Service is on Remembrance Sunday, 11th November and is at Noon.

GMSF Meeting 11 Sept

Please note that the above meeting has been postponed as the promised document which was to be discussed has been delayed.  We will keep you informed when we get to know te new date for publication of the document.

Crime in Heald Green

Ratepayers are aware of the crimes and attempted cimes being committed in Heald Green. Councillors are in very regular contact with local police officers and more senior officers in Stockport and have expressed their concerns at every opportunity. The local PCSO regularly attends Ratepayer committee meetings to update them about crime and actions being taken. Some of these responses are undercover and so not always obvious to other people. Did you know that unmarked police cars patrol at night around our area? This might not be every night of course because, with stretched resources, the same personnel have to patrol other parts of the Cheadle area too.

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester has reported recently about the reduction in numbers of police officers and other Chief Constables too have made it known to the Government that numbers need to be increased. Our way of alerting the Government to our worries about crime and the levels of front line police officers is to write to Mary Robinson, our MP asking for pressure to be applied for increased funding for the police.

However it up to us all to take responsibility as far as possible to protect our property. The police remind us regularly to:

  • keep doors and windows locked, even when in the house.

  • make the house look as though there is somebody in, if left empty e.g keep a lamp on with a timer, leave the radio on

  • don’t leave valuable items on view

  • set your house alarm if you have one

  • put your car in the garage if possible

  • block your drive behind your car if possible

  • don’t leave anything on view in the car

  • lock your vehicle

  • consider using an old fashioned steering wheel lock

  • keep your keys well away from a door and certainly out of sight

  • keep “electronic” keys in a metal box as far from the car as possible

  • if you have CCTV it might help to identify criminals if they attempt a crime

Report crimes to 101 by phone or email

Report ongoing crimes to 999

Report any knowledge or suspicions of crimes or criminals, anonymously, to CRIMESTOPPERS on 0800 555 111 or use the following link:

Ratepayers are holding a Public Meeting where you can air your grievances or ask questions of a senior police officer. The date is Tuesday, 13th November, commencing at 7.30 and venue is the Village Hall.

Remembrance Sunday


Questions have been asked about the practical reasons why the Remembrance Service at the War memorial is always at 12.00. There have always been several remembrance services in Heald Green at 11am, these being in the various churches to which all are invited. The uniformed children’s groups take part in these at 11am and also many of the elderly who cannot manage an outdoor service. At 12.00 there is another communal Remembrance Service at the War Memorial, at which children from all our primary schools, the scout and guide groups, representatives from the Army and Air Cadets, the Police, the Royal British Legion, the CMA, the Churches and other community groups can all come together and take part. The Police and some of the other representatives also attend other memorial services on that day and can only attend at Heald Green because it is at 12.00. The same applies to our bugler, who plays the last post at another service but can only attend Heald Green, where he was brought up, because it is at 12.00.

Services across Stockport have taken place at different times of the day for several years. Each community has its own time and place to reflect and remember. Heald Green’s communal gathering has been at 12.00 for many years and everyone who regularly attends is used to arriving at this time. Of course there are other residents who like to pay their respects quietly at 11am at the Memorial and this has always been the case but the organised communal event is at 12.00.

This year, being a special centenary year, we are intending to arrange a short parade to the War Memorial. More details of this special centenary service will be publicised on the Ratepayers’ website as details are finalised during the year.

As explained in Contact magazine, the Ratepayers have also arranged for large poppies to be displayed on lamp posts on Wilmslow Rd and Finney Lane, later in the year. Ratepayers have also purchased additional large poppies, in the hope that people will buy them to display. All money will go to the Royal British Legion to support disabled servicemen. Already 60 poppies have been sold at the Festival, at £3 each but more have been ordered and will be available later in the year. Watch the Ratepayers’ site for information about these. We hope all the shops will display a poppy, too. If you want to buy a poppy or need any further information, please email us