All Heald Green councillors have been independent Ratepayers councillors, for nearly ninety years.  People all over Stockport often express jealousy of what we have in Heald Green. We hope that Heald Green’s own community organisation continues to serve its own community for many more years.  Independent Ratepayer councillors must live or work within Heald Green and therefore are in an ideal position “to watch over the interests of the area”, each councillor is elected for a 4 year term before they must stand for re-election.

To contact email any of the councillors, please click on their name below:

Councillor Anna Charles-Jones 97 Queensway 283 6568
Councillor Sylvia Humphreys 1b St Austell Drive 436 4696
Councillor Adrian Nottingham 22 Outwood Drive 490 7486