The current Tier 3 classification has introduced stringent and far reaching measures. The aim of these measures is to slow down the progress of this disease in order for our national healthcare system to care for those people who will be most adversely affected by it.

Nationwide there is a crisis command structure to deal with what is a global pandemic and Stockport Council is fully integrated into that structure. The council’s first responsibility is towards those residents most at risk and it is therefore reprioritising its workforce and service delivery, whilst seeking to ensure disruption to other services and to the economy is kept to a minimum.

This unprecedented situation is quickly redefining our ‘normal’ living, working and social life practice and balance, with all of us now being asked to make drastic changes to our daily lives in order to play our part in slowing the spread of COVID-19.  By keeping ourselves healthy we do our best for our families, friends, neighbours and fellow community members; particularly those most at risk. To this end it is important that we all seek to follow the government guidelines on social distancing and protecting older people and vulnerable adults. Government regulations on Tier 3 requirements are available here.

It has been heart-warming to hear of the many offers being made by Heald Green residents to help neighbours who will need help during these very difficult times. The right help will undoubtedly be a lifeline for many of our community members over the coming weeks. This emerging volunteer workforce is a national phenomenon and will be a very necessary part of getting through this crisis. However, as I’m sure you will agree, this is not without risk to both those giving help and those receiving help.  Further information on Covid is available as a page on this website.  Should you need help or wish to offer to help, please send us an email to:

For further information including links to the relevant government and NHS websites, visit Stockport Council’s Coronavirus page.