This is an unsettling and worrying time for everyone. As an Association we share many of these fears, but we are fortunate to live in a community with very strong ties, and it is these – all the groups and networks that have built up over many years, which can be of real support at this troubling time. As you know, we have direct links to Stockport Council through our councillors, and therefore have good channels of communication to information, support and advice from Government and Public Health.

As a community we need to be as co-ordinated as we can, and will publish guidance as to how we can be most effective as we get it. People are already contacting neighbours and looking out for each other, which is to be welcomed. We will use the channels and contacts we have. This is not something which any one group can do, and our aim is to work together with other groups and organisations. No one should feel alone and forgotten at this time. We will be posting regular updates as we get them. If you know someone who does not have access to the internet, please keep them updated.