CCTV at the Village Centre

The CCTV system covers the area from the railway bridge, along the shop frontages on the North side of Finney Lane as far as Freshfield.

The purpose of the system is to maintain surveillance of the Village Centre (Finney Lane) for the purpose of reducing or discouraging and detection of anti-social or criminal behaviour.

The system is owned, operated by and maintenance paid for, by Heald Green Ratepayers’ Association (HGRA) and was purchased with a grant obtained from Stockport Council.

The images recorded by the CCTV system are not monitored but are stored in a secure location and retained for 31 days.

The system is registered with the Information Commissioners Office and the Chairman of the HGRA is the registered Data Controller.

The system is managed by a small Management Group nominated by the HGRA. In order to comply with the requirements of the information Commissioner, there is a clear policy which members of the Management Group strictly adhere to when processing data collected by the CCTV cameras.

Data is only processed on request by the Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service or any other authorised agency under a strict documented protocol.

The Management Group does not have access to facial recognition software. Requests for data from the general public must be channelled through the GMP.

Details of the legal requirements under which the system is authorised and operated are available on application to: