Usage of Runway 2 at Night

The Airport normally use only Runway 1 at night but Runway 2 is used at night when maintenance work is being carried out on Runway 1.  This is programmed in advance.  The programme for 2020 follows but may change as the Corvid regulations have drastically curtailed the use of the runways.  Any changes will be announced on this page.
July  7th – 9th
August  4th – 6th
September  1st – 3rd
October  4th – 8th
November  3rd – 5th
December  8th – 10th
January  12th – 14th

It may be that unexpected maintenance work needs to be carried on dates other than those above.

Runway 2 is parallel to Runway 1 and about 500 yards South of it but is about a mile further away from Heald Green, so the aircraft will be higher than normal but 500 yards further South.  The night period for this purpose is from 10pm until 6am, the following morning.  Whether aircraft will be landing or taking off over Heald Green is determined by the wind at the time.  Settled warm weather generally means easterly winds, which means that take-offs will be over Heald Green, just when you want to leave your windows open!